Agri Audits provides an audit preparation and farm record maintenance service which is available to Dairy, Beef and Lamb farmers throughout Ireland. We assist farmers with Bord Bia and Department of Agriculture inspections through:

  • Pre-audit assessment
  • Record Maintenance
  • Health and Saftey
  • Pesticides Recording
  • Sustainability Survey
  • Audit Close Out Assistance

If you have received notification of an upcoming Bord Bia or Department of Agriculture audit/inspection, contact Agri Audits immediately.

If you have ever found yourself stressing over your farm paperwork and value having more time with your family, Agri Audits is here to help.

Bord Bia Inspections are carried out every 18 months but you may face a spot inspection at random at any time, even if you have been certified.

Please see the Agri Audits Explainer Video on the homepage here.

Our prices start from €19.44 per month for a small herd size.


Once all information is gathered during the call out day we aim to have your completed farm booklet back to you within 7 days.

Agri Audits record your information on our specially designed, secure software system that enables us to provide you with up to date and accurate booklets for presentation to the farm inspector.
Of course, Agri Audits works with all farm sizes from small to very large.
Agri Audits has clients nationwide all over the Republic of Ireland.
The initial face to face meeting with one of our trained advisors usually lasts for no more than 1 hour.
Agri Audits works with farmers in the Dairy, Beef and Sheep sectors.

Congratulations, you have decided to take the stress out of your farm paperwork and become an Agri Audits client. Call us on 023 8847007, email us at agriaudits@gmail.com, message us on social media, request a call back via our website or call into our office in Bandon, Co. Cork.

No, the booklet that Agri Audits prepares contains all the information required by Bord Bia & Department of Agriculture for Inspection.
A statement from all your medical and pesticides providers, diaries/notebooks, usage reports, Agfood & ICBF logins (If available).
Yes, we would encourage our clients to send on their purchases and usage as often as possible. This can be done by email, Whatsapp or by post.
Yes, that is what we are here to achieve, preparation is key and we will ensure that all of the mistakes that have led to a shorten certificate in the past will be rectified prior to your next audit resulting in you getting the maximum certificate.
Once certified Agri Audits will remind you on a monthly basis to send on any purchases and usages for that month, we would encourage you to do so but if you would rather do it on a 6 month/12 month basis we can facilitate you also.